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160. A good Place to live

Theodore and Earth Bear listened carefully to Daisy Bear's sad story.  They were silent for a while and then Earth Bear said, "I am sure I speak for Theodore too when I say we are sorry to hear about your family.  We hope that you will feel at home here in this lovely place.  I have lived here for a long time now with an interesting job and have the chance to watch many of the other animals every day.  Some are so small and one has to be very lucky to see them and you will only see them if you are watching all the time."  Theodore nodded his head in agreement.  "We have been walking for two days," he said, "and by tomorrow night we will be back at the Main Camp but I have really enjoyed being out with Earth Bear and I have learned a lot about the Park.  I would be surprised if you will move again from here." "Thank you for the tea and the chat, Daisy," said Earth Bear, "we must start early tomorrow so need some sleep but I am sure we will meet again when next I come around to check on the paths."  They said Good Night to each other and parted company.

A Bonus

The sun was just peeping over the tops of the trees when Theodore and Earth Bear set off to see to the last part of the path.  It was a perfect morning and Earth Bear said, "The walk today is easy, first we go up over a small hill and then from there it is flat ground all the way home.  We must make more noise today as we walk through bear country and I would not want to surprise one.  They do not like surprises in the wild and can get a little dangerous."  So they chatted and sang a song or two as they went along.  The path was in good shape and needed very little work so soon they were at the top of the hill. They looked out into the distance and then Earth Bear said, "There is something moving in the bush down there.  Let us watch a while as I think it is a bear."  This  they did and before long the bear walked across the clearing then disappeared among the trees again.  "A bonus," said Theodore.


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