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168. More Music for Theodore

After the last notes of music died away and the audience realised that the orchestra had finished their program for the evening Theodore and Jenny Bear filed out of the hall with everyone else. It took a while until Theodore said, " Did you also enjoy that, Jenny Bear?  I thought it was lovely to listen to all those instruments making music together and I am quite sorry it is over now." Jenny Bear smiled at the sorrowful note in Theodore's voice and she said, "Well, don't worry, Theodore, there will be lots more music in town tomorrow and we will go and listen. There will be interesting things on display and Miss Festival Bear will be a special guest again." They waited in the foyer for Miss Bear and soon she came. "The coach will be arriving any minute to take us home," she said. Jenny Bear and Theodore rode along in the coach with Miss Festival Bear and the people walking home waved to them as they passed.  Jenny Bear smiled "I feel like a queen myself," she said.

Going to The Festival  

Theodore wore his red bow again the next morning. "I am feeling festive today," he said to himself, "and I am sure it is going to be an exciting day."  Soon after breakfast Miss Festival Bear suggested they walk over to the Main Street and quickly Theodore and Jenny Bear were also ready to leave.  Theodore was surprised to see that the street was now closed to traffic and there were many more stalls with vendors offering their wares for sale. Each one had arranged their goods tastefully to attract customers.  A large stage had been erected on one side during the night and there were all kinds of sound equipment in place.  A carnival atmosphere was already in the making and a bright program of the day's music was tacked onto a board next to the stage.  "This is going to be fun," Theodore said as he watched more and more people arrive and walk around looking at everything.


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