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169. Guest Artists

At ten o'clock Miss Festival Bear said, "I must leave you two now to enjoy the day. I have to open the Festival but I will need you to please help me. Will you, Jenny Bear and Theodore?"  They both smiled and nodded and wondered what she was planning.  Miss Bear greeted everybody and then asked her two friends to join her to sing the Festival's theme song and together their lovely growly voices charmed all the visitors. "The sun is shining bright for me, O,what a happy day. There's so much here for me to see, it takes my breath away," they sang and then bowed and waved to the crowd when they clapped along with them.  "Sing it again for us," someone shouted and more listeners  took up the call.  The bears joined in the fun and sang once more for them. Meanwhile, the next band set up their instruments behind them and the Music Festival was under way.

Something to try

Miss Festival Bear was kept busy making sure everything was in place for the musicians and Theodore and Jenny Bear walked around and looked at all the stalls and spoke to some of the vendors.  They saw beautiful works of art, clever flower arrangements and elegant jewellery for the ladies. Best of all they liked an exhibition of photographs of famous places all over the world and the lady could tell about them as she had been there herself.  "Traveling is wonderful, try it for yourselves" she said and Theodore agreed whole-heartedly.  A man wearing a tall chef's hat called out, "Try my hotdogs, they are the best in the world! Oh, look, we have Bears visiting us today, here is one for each of you. Free, gratis and for nothing!"  Jenny and Theodore thanked him and Theodore said, "Come on, Everybody, these are delicious. Buy some for you too."


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