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166. The Evening

"I suggest we go home now," said Jenny Bear, "there is a concert tonight that Miss Festival Bear  has to attend and she would like to have enough time to get ready.  Theodore, would you like to attend the concert too?"  "That would be lovely," replied Theodore, "I have never been to a real concert before."   Everyone was excited about the concert.  Jenny wore a brand new pink bow and Theodore exchanged his red bow for his fine purple one.  Miss Festival Bear wore her special royal blue sash with her name embroidered in silver letters and the crown on her head sparkled when the light shone on it.  "You ladies look ever so smart tonight," said Theodore smiling and he bowed to each of them playfully.  "We are going to the concert in style," said Miss Bear, "they are sending a splendid horse drawn coach to fetch us. Oh, here they are now."  How important they all felt!

The Concert

As guests of Miss Festival Bear, Jenny and Theodore were shown to seats in the front row of the concert hall.  Miss Bear could not sit with them as she would have to be on the stage with the Mayor for the opening ceremony.  Theodore hardly knew what to look at first.  He saw all the lovely decorations in the hall and all the elegant dresses and chic suits the patrons wore but most of all he watched the musicians in the orchestra.  They looked so smart with their black bow ties as they unpacked their instruments and sat down before beginning to tune them.  He watched the violin players tighten the strings and saw the light reflecting off the shiny brass horns.  At exactly 8 o'clock the Mayor escourted Miss Festival Bear to her seat on the stage and then he  walked across to the microphone to address the audience.


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