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51. On the Way to Town

"It is a beautiful clear morning today," said Merlena Bear, " we should have an excellent view.  Are you all ready?  Let us walk to town today and see the new part where all the big houses are." Hernando was wearing his red bow and Theodore had a blue one.  "You both look very smart,” said Merlena, "just right for being in the smart part of town."  They all laughed at her idea.  The bears strolled along under the trees lining the street enjoying the sunshine and trying to figure out what people do with so many rooms in such big houses. "Many visitors?  Many children?" wondered Merlena, "I don't know."  Soon they were standing outside the tallest building.  Big letters spelt out the name TILLY TOWERS over the entrance. Theodore Bear felt so small.  He tipped his head right back and shaded his eyes with his paws to be able to see right to the top.  "Wow!" he said.


Finding Charm said...

I find myself thinking the same thing when I imagine what life could be like in a house like that.

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