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52. Going Up!

Theodore Bear was so impressed with Tilly Towers but Merlena and Hernando assured him that in a real big city the skyscrapers were many times taller. Theodore looked around wide-eyed and followed the other two bears through the big glass doors that opened when they stepped onto the mat in front of them.  They went inside and found their way to the elevator.  Theodore felt a touch nervous about getting into such a narrow elevator but Merlena and Hernando laughed and said, "Don't worry, we will each hold a paw with you."  Quickly the elevator was at the top floor and they walked over to the viewing area.  "Wow", said Theodore, "I can almost see till next week! This is lovely." They looked out the windows all around the viewing area.  They could see the shopping mall where they had met Shelley, the river and picnic area where they had so much fun and looked way over in the distance past the edge of the city.   Merlena pointed out some of the famous landmarks and could even show them where her house was.  It looked extra small from so far away.


Finding Charm said...

How fun. I always get a feeling of exhileration when I go up to a big building and look out. I did that at the Empire State Building in NYC.

TG Bears said...

Absolutely! Sort of feel like you are on top of the world!

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