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55. Thank you

"Supper was delicious. Thank you, Merlena, I enjoyed that fruit salad very much," said Theodore Bear, leaning back in his chair.  He looked very serious and then continued, "You and Hernando have been so kind to me and I really appreciate you having me for these few days.  Many thanks to you both.  It has been so special to see this beautifully kept city where everything is so clean and neat and well cared for. We had a wonderful day at the river together with Shelley and what a surprise it was to meet Duty Bear at the tall building today.  However, it is now time for me to move on.  The man on the radio said to travel and see the world and I am looking forward to doing that.  There are so many places still to see.  I would like to catch a train tomorrow morning and it would be lovely if you would both come to the station and see me off too."


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