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61. Theodore's Lucky Day

"Mr. Bear, Mr. Bear, look what just happened!" said the ticket office lady excitedly, "today really is your lucky day.  This machine has issued you a Super-Special-Offer-Ticket because you are such an early traveler and it means that you can travel anywhere you like on the train.  Congratulations and Bon Voyage!"  The ticket that Theodore held in his paw had a big gold star in the one corner and  ANYTIME TRAVEL was written in big green letters right across it.  "Thank you very much," Theodore said, "I can hardly believe it all."  Merlena and Hernando Bear each wanted to hold such a special ticket too and they were so happy for Theodore.  "Now you will be able to see many places," they said and almost wished they could go too.  "Let us go over to the platform," said Merlena, "the train will be coming soon."


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