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56. A Surprise for Theodore

Merlena and Hernando Bear looked at each other and sighed.  "We have also enjoyed showing you around, Theodore.  It was almost like being on vacation ourselves.  Of course we will come and see you off and remember, don't pass me by when you get to Europe," said Hernando.  Merlena said, "We will miss you, Theodore, but we hope you will have a wonderful trip and don't forget to let us know where you are!"  She stood up and walked over to the cupboard.  "I have a surprise for you and was told to give it to you when you are leaving us," said Merlena as she handed Theodore an envelope with his name on.  "Please open it now," she smiled.  Theodore hardly knew what to say but soon remembered his manners and thanked Merlena very much. He felt quite nervous as he lifted the flap on the fat little envelope.


Finding Charm said...

Oh man! What's in the envelope!?!!?

TG Bears said...

Like to guess?

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