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53. Pleased to meet you

"OK," said Theodore Bear, "I think I have seen everything now.  Maybe we could. . ." He turned around to talk to Merlena and Hernando and stopped in mid sentence.  The other two bears looked to see what Theodore was watching and what a surprise they had!  There stepping out of the elevator was another bear!   "He must be a visitor too" Merlena Bear whispered trying to keep her growly voice as quiet as possible, "he is in uniform."  And so he was.  He looked very smart and wore a neat cap and also had a back pack on his back. Almost at once he saw the other bears and came over with a big smile.  "Well, fancy meeting bears up here," he said and held out a paw to Hernando.  "My name is Duty Bear and I am just passing through this town today.  I thought I would see the most from up here," he said as he shook paws and heard the other names too.  "Maybe we could have lunch together after I have looked around?"  "Yes, we would like that", said  Hernando and Theodore and Merlena together,  "we will meet you downstairs again."


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