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59. The next Morning

Theodore Bear opened his eyes and saw that it was light at the window.  Then he remembered, "Oh yes, I am going traveling today.  It feels like it will be an exciting day," and he jumped up from under the blanket to look out of the window.  The sun was shining in a blue sky. "A good start," he thought.  Theodore put on his green bow and by the time he was ready Hernando and Merlena were up too.  "We will leave for the station straight after breakfast," said Merlena, "it will give you a nice early start, Theodore." "Yes," Theodore agreed, "I want to travel by day to see everything along the way."  He lifted his back pack onto his back, picked up his walking cane and the bears set off to catch the tram.  At the station Theodore headed directly to the ticket office.  He was the only one who wanted to travel so early in the morning.


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