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60. The Ticket Office

The lady behind the glass at the ticket office looked busy and she did not notice the face at the window.  Theodore Bear cleared his throat and said, "Good Morning, Lady, I need a train ticket, please."  Surprised to hear such a deep voice, the lady looked up and could hardly believe her eyes. "Mr. Bear" she said and smiled a welcome. "Well, good morning to you. You are my first customer today. But I must say, I do not often have a bear wanting a ticket. Now let me see what I can do for you."  The lady tapped some details into the big ticket machine in front of her and waited for a minute or two.  Suddenly the machine made a loud noise, a bell jingled and a green light flashed.  Theodore turned to look at Hernando and Merlena who were standing next to him.  "Oh, no, what now," he said sadly, "Do you think the machine is broken and I cannot get a ticket today?"


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