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58. Theodore prepares to Travel

"Well, I guess I must pack my back pack," Theodore Bear thought to himself, "I had better start by shaking it out.  I have not used it since we went on the picnic and there may be some crumbs left in it.  The birds will enjoy these, I know."  Theodore carefully brushed his fur before packing the brush at the bottom of the rucksack next to the bottle of honey that he had brought with from home.  Then he folded up the red spotted handkerchief and put that in. On top he placed the envelope that Merlena had given him, being sure not to bend it.  Theodore took off the blue bow he was wearing.  "I will be traveling again so I need to wear my green bow because that is for GO," he said to himself and laid it out ready for the morning.  He carefully placed all the other bows in the back pack and fastened the buckles securely.  "Oh, yes, my cane. All travelers need a cane," he reminded himself and stood it up against the back pack.  Now he was ready but first he would have one more night on Merlena's sofa.  


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