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62. The Good-byes

Theodore Bear stood on the platform with Hernando and Merlena and the minutes ticked by on the big clock.  They were all very quiet.  Then Theodore said, "No long good-byes and speeches here, Merlena and Hernando, just a big heartfelt thank you to you both," and he held out his paw.  Hernando Bear shook his paw and then Theodore bowed politely as he greeted Merlena and shook her paw too.  "Look, here comes the train now.  Don't forget to wave to us," said Merlena and managed a smile. When the train stopped Theodore climbed up the steps and quickly found a seat.  He opened the window and reached out to Hernando and Merlena holding out both paws.  "Last touch," he said with a big smile and the train began to pull away. "Good-bye, good-bye" they shouted together and waved to each other until the train disappeared around the corner.  Theodore Bear was on his way.



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