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57. The Envelope

At last Theodore peeped inside the envelope that Merlena Bear had just given him. He could hardly believe his eyes.  It was full of little white cards!  Carefully Theodore took them out and looked at each one, his smile getting broader and broader all the time as he read them.  "Merlena," he said,  "What is all this about?   Each little card has a name and address of one of your friends at your party." Merlena clapped her paws in delight and laughed at Theodore's puzzled face.  Then she explained.  "My friends all enjoyed meeting you and hearing about your travel plans so much that they asked me to give you their addresses.  It is an invitation from each one for you to visit them when you get to where they live."  Theodore felt deeply touched and put his head on his paws for a moment. Then he said, "That is so very,very kind of them all.  I will try to visit everyone. Thank you, Merlena."  


Finding Charm said...

What a great idea! It'll be fun to visit all those friends.

TG Bears said...

Is that what you expected in the envelope?

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