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114. Flying is Fun

Theodore Bear paid careful attention when the hostess explained the safety regulations and looked at all the instructions on the pamphlet.  He saw the hostesses coming up the aisle with a big trolley and they asked him if he would like breakfast. "We can offer you a bowl of mixed fruits," they said.  Theodore was very pleased and that was delicious.  Then they came again and brought him a cup of hot raspberry tea.  "Thank you, I will enjoy that," Theodore said and sipped it happily, looking out of the window every now and then.  He saw cities and villages, fields and forests, rivers with ships sailing on them and lakes.  Soon the land ended with a strip of white sand and then they were flying over water.  "I have never seen the sea before, only in pictures," Theodore thought to himself, "but I am quite sure that was a beach and this is the sea.  It is so blue and seems to stretch forever."


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