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113. A Very Important Passenger

It was all so exciting walking up to the aircraft. Theodore saw two pretty ladies in smart uniforms standing in the doorway.  "Welcome on board, Mr Bear, you are sitting in 1A," one said and the other hostess showed him to his seat next to the window.  She helped him put his back pack and cane in the baggage bin above his head and explained how to use the safety belt.  "Thank you," said Theodore politely.  He looked around in amazement.  "I had no idea a plane is so roomy inside and this big seat is very comfortable," he thought.  He watched the crew preparing for take off and listened to the engines.  When everyone was on board the door was closed and very slowly the plane began to move backwards.  It turned and stopped.  The engines roared and then they were on their way, faster and faster along the ground and . . .  up into the air.  Theodore could not help smiling to himself and looked out of the window as the cars and buildings became smaller and smaller and the city was left behind.  Theodore Bear was thrilled to be on his first flight.


Finding Charm said...

I bet she was like a Pan Am stewardess.

TG Bears said...

She is :-)

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