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108. Duty Bear has an Idea

"It was so kind of you to show me around the airport, Duty Bear," Theodore said later, "I have heard so much that I did not know anything about and seen much bigger aircraft than I have ever seen before.  I think I would also like to fly in one of them one day."  Duty Bear smiled and looked thoughtful,  "I am not sure if it will be possible, but come with me and I will see what I can do for you," he said and took Theodore to a big office.  Duty Bear knocked gently and a voice called out, "Come in."   Behind a wide desk sat a very important looking man.  He took off his spectacles when Duty Bear and Theodore entered and rubbed his eyes.  "I don't believe it," he said, "another bear!"
"Yes, Sir," Duty Bear said politely, "this is my friend Theodore Bear and he is traveling to see the world.  I was just wondering, Sir, if you would be so kind as to give him one of your Super Special Concession Tickets so he can fly on your airplanes?"


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