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107. "Nearly like a small City"

Duty Bear chose some nuts from Theodore Bear's carry bag. "Well, here are big sheds for storing cargo before it is loaded onto special cargo planes, there is a parking garage where hundreds of cars can be safely parked and a hotel where passengers can stay overnight if their flight is delayed.  A shuttle bus goes between here and the city centre, there are  many lovely shops which we can look at later on and we even have a post office and a bank."  "This is nearly like a small city," said Theodore and passed Duty Bear another snack.   They sat and watched for a while longer and then Duty Bear said he would like to show Theodore the rest of the airport.  "Let's go up to the next floor to see the shops and from there we will be able to look out over the other side of the airport towards the city.  It is quite late already so some of the lights will be on and the view is very pretty"


Hena Tayeb said...

That is the cutest thing ever.

TG Bears said...

Thank you Hena :-)

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