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110. The Arrangements

Theodore Bear was so excited about the ticket he had been given. "Thank you so much, Duty Bear, I think I would like to fly tomorrow," and together they went to the counter to arrange it all.  "There is a seat on the first plane in the morning," said the lady.  Duty Bear took Theodore to see the Departures Hall and explained where he would have to show his ticket before going through the boarding gate to the plane.  "You can stay here on the airport tonight so that you will be in time tomorrow.  Lots of passengers do that and you can stretch out on a few seats to rest.  Remember you have to check in long before the flight leaves. I must say Good-bye to you now, though, as I have to go back on duty.  Have a good flight and Happy Traveling!" Duty Bear said.  "Good-bye, Duty Bear, and a very big Thank You," said Theodore and they shook paws with each other.


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