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106. All this on the Airport

Duty Bear was telling Theodore all about the airport."Those long passages are where the passengers walk to board the aircraft so they will not get wet when it rains.  It is also very safe for them that way.  There is a lot of organisation to make sure the correct luggage is stowed on each airplane and the meals must be loaded at the right time so the flight is not delayed."  Theodore listened carefully.
"Would you mind if we sat here a while and watched all the aircraft?" asked Theodore Bear. "I have a few snacks left in here and we could share them," he said, holding up the carry bag.  "I would enjoy that too," said Duty Bear and they sat down in the front row of chairs.  "This is interesting," said Theodore, "what else do they have here on the airport?" and he opened the bag for Duty Bear to help himself.


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