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104. Duty Bear's Suggestion

Theodore was just as pleased to see Duty Bear and said, "I am glad you are here after all.  I almost thought I was going to miss you." and they shook paws with each other.  "I arrived here on the bus a short while ago" Theodore continued, "and have been watching all the passengers rushing to and fro."  Duty Bear smiled, "There is plenty more to see here on the airport and I am off duty now so I can show you around if you like.  I have just fetched my new uniforms in this big box and must put them in my locker first.  See, here is a plan of the airport, have a look at it so long" He picked up the box and went out with it.  "This place is enormous," Theodore thought, "I never imagined it like this." When Duty Bear came back he had his back pack with him and was ready to leave.  "It was a strange thing," he said to Theodore, "I don't usually ask anyone to wait just before I go off duty, but today I thought I must do that.  What a good thing I really did it."


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