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112. The Bright Red Ticket

Theodore Bear stirred where he had been sleeping on the row of chairs and heard a voice over the loudspeakers say, "Good morning, Passengers. Please start checking in for your flights." He sat up and looked around then folded up his red spotted handkerchief and put it neatly in his back pack.  He took out his ticket at the same time and joined the queue at the counter. Theodore handed the lady his bright red ticket and she looked up and smiled.  "I see we have a Very Important Passenger flying with us today.  Mr Bear, I have booked you in Seat 1A and boarding will be in 30 minutes through Gate 2.  Enjoy your flight," she said.  "Thank you, Ma'am," said Theodore and he followed the other passengers through the security control point before he entered the Departure Lounge to find a seat near Gate 2.  He ate his last snack while waiting and put the carry bag in his back pack. Soon Theodore could hand in his boarding pass and was hurrying along the walkway to the aircraft.


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