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111. Good Night Theodore

After Duty Bear left Theodore walked around and looked at everything on display in the Departure Hall in detail again. He found himself a seat in the corner at the end of a long row of chairs and sat down.  He thought to himself, "I am feeling quite important.  Here I am at this beautiful airport, I have a Super Special Concession ticket and tomorrow I am going to fly in one of those long, sleek, powerful airplanes. I can hardly wait. How lucky can one get." Sitting still and relaxed, Theodore began to feel tired and he yawned.  "Duty Bear said many people spend the whole night on the airport and it is perfectly safe," he remembered.  He carefully placed his carry bag and cane on the chairs behind him and took out his red spotted handkerchief, spreading it over his back pack which he slipped under his head for a pillow.  Soon he was sound asleep.


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