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109. The Man in the Big Office

The man in the big office looked at Theodore and held out his hand.  "Good evening, Theodore, I certainly do not have two bears standing in my office every day.  Why are you traveling?"  "Good evening, Sir," said Theodore and put his paw in the man's hand, "I heard a man on the radio advise everyone to travel.  He said they would never regret it and so I decided to take his advice.  It is true what he said, I have not regretted it and would like to see many more places."  "Hmm," said the man thoughtfully, "where do you live? And where have you been?"  "I live in the desert where it is hot, Sir," Theodore told him, "and I have spent time in some cities and also in the mountains where there was snow.  It was wonderful."  "You sound like a very smart bear," said the man, "I think you can have one of my Super Special Concession Tickets," and he unlocked a drawer in his desk, took out a book of bright red tickets and gave one to Theodore.  "Thank you, Sir, thank you very much," said Theodore and shook his hand again.


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