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105. Upstairs

Duty Bear and Theodore walked back along the passage and through the passenger hall.  "We will go upstairs to the Observation Deck," said Duty Bear, "from there you will be able to see most of the things that happen on an airport like this" and he pressed the button to summon the elevator.
They got out again when the doors opened and went across to the big windows.  It was rather crowded but soon they were able to move right up to the glass and could see very well.  Theodore could hardly believe his eyes and Duty Bear was able to answer all his questions. "The big buildings over there are more terminals like this one.  Some are only for flights within the country and from others you can fly to anywhere in the world. Yes, that is a train running on rails above the buildings for passengers to move between the terminals quickly.  Look, there is a plane taking off and another one landing."  Theodore wanted to look everywhere at once!


Anonymous said...

I think I would want to look everywhere at once too if I were at that airport!

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