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115. Arrival Time

Theodore Bear shaded his eyes and looked out of the airplane window. "I did not know that the sea is so big," he said to himself, "I cannot see any land at all, not anywhere." He looked at the other passengers and they all seemed to be very relaxed, some were sleeping and some were reading.    "Hmm, so everything must be alright," he thought, making himself comfortable in his seat and listening to the quiet hum of the engines.  Soon he was dozing too.  Later he peered out again and far in the distance he could see a thin white line along what looked like land.  "A coastline," he decided and watched as it came closer.  He noticed that the plane had begun to descend and now he could clearly see the beach and the green countryside as they flew over it.  A big city came into view below the aircraft wings and the pilot announced that they would be landing shortly. "It is hot and humid," he said, "but enjoy your stay in the city."


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